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AEON (the Agency for Extranormal Operations Nationwide) is a large and complicated government agency responsible for overseeing superhuman and supernatural phenomena, and so is headquartered and focused on New Gauntlet City, which is so full of the stuff.

One branch of AEON, the Alien and Extradimensional Operations Network, is a group that maintains the neutrality of Earth in cosmic conflicts (like Men in Black).

During The Celestial Tournament, an AEON team led by an Agent Rockwell conspired with the KBI and Joseph Robertson Sound, Jr. to attempt to destroy the Celestial Mountain with explosives. It is unclear whether AEON higher-ups had authorized the operation.

One of AEON's attempts to keep a handle on the young metahuman population of New Gauntlet City was the AEON After-School Alliance for At-Risk Supers, whose pilot mission to pick up trash in Undertaker's Row was not necessarily a rousing succes in AEON's eyes.

Branches of AEON[edit]

EPOCH - Public Relations