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Gauntlet Comics is a shared universe for the Gauntlet gaming community. Tabletop RPG sessions are default set in New Gauntlet City. NGC is a setting with superheroes and supervillains, but Gauntlet Comics also has room for other genres. We've had sessions of superpowered RPGs like Masks: A New Generation, Hit the Streets: Defend the Block, Blazon, and With Great Power: Master Edition. We've also had sessions of My Life With Master, The Ward, Demigods PbtA, Hogwarts RPG and many more.

Super Ages

There are five "ages" of super-powered folks in the history of Gauntlet Comics, starting in the 1920s and leading up to today.

  • Golden Age (heroes active during 1940s and 1950s)
  • Silver Age (heroes active during the 1960s)
  • Bronze Age (heroes active during the 1970s to 1980s)
  • Iron Age (heroes active during the 1990s to 2000s)
  • Modern Age (heroes active from the 2010s to today)

The pretend Lonely Planet entry for New Gauntlet City

City Map

New Gauntlet City map

Nightlife (restaurants and bars)


Places to Shop or Eat

Hospitals and Safety


Sports and Leisure


  • NGCPB New Gauntlet City Public Broadcasting, local TV station
  • QNGC New Gauntlet City's premiere venue for news Super, Mundane, Traffic and Weather
  • KGOB Local AM Sports Talk station, carries the New Gauntlet City Goblins, a minor league baseball team

Places of Worship & Community Hubs

Super Teams

The following is a list of many major super-powered or metahuman teams. Most of them are player character groups, but there are some NPC teams, too.

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Helpful Links

Generations of Supers

The idea of Generations is taken from the excellent RPG Masks: A New Generation.

There are four generations of super-powered folks in the history of Gauntlet Comics, starting in the 1920s and leading up to today.

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